Satori – In Between Worlds

  In Between Worlds – that is the name of the debut album from likeable artist Satori alias Djordje Petrovic. The longplayer mirrors his Serbian & South-African roots the 30 year old Dutchman grew up […]





KOZE’s last album Amygdala I discovered while making my album ‘In between worlds’. I think my track “Pink & Orange Sky” has a clear Amygdala stamp on it. Long 4/4 compositions where many musical and […]



Tinariwen, the musical heroes from Mali, gave me the idea to get the swing and rhythm of hand clapping. As a former Techno producer I was used to find rhythm in drum machines. Think of […]



Artist NU, amongst most of us known for his trailblazing SOL liveset, has been like a personal guide on my way to musical maturation. When hearing his liveset for the first time I was sold […]



Nicolas Jaar made me acquainted with “texture”. Before, I was never really concerned with the texture of my music. The focus was on groove, swing, feeling and space. But texture is something that can add […]

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