Hugo Oak – Brightly Dark

    Accessible yet intelligent, Hugo Oak is an up in the clouds and deep underground musician. By using and combining intense sounds, he seeks to compose both downtempo and uplifting tracks that will, in […]



  Again, my inspiration comes from a totally crackbrained artist. It’s also what links all my inspirations together. I admire the crazy ones that do things differently and don’t care about the status quo. They […]


Salvador Dalí

  Dalí to me is most memorable for his clocks. I am particularly keen on that work for it’s such a simple everyday object and he is able to create so much exciting work from […]


Ray Charles

  The best piano player I know. He seems to be hitting every single note with his soul. The same goes for his voice, it flows perfectly through the music. When I listen to his […]


Herbie Hancock

  I discovered Herbie Hancock at a very young age. I have to admit, that I have somewhat of a strange relationship to Hancock. For instance: I bought a book about him once, didn’t read it because […]


Hugo Oak




Kunstenares Sophie Calle en de essentie van empathie

Afscheid nemen van je geliefde, door de telefoon. Het overkwam kunstenares Sophie Calle. Haar vriend verbrak de relatie en liet haar achter in wanhoop. De volgende ochtend al besloot ze haar verdriet te transformeren, er […]


Gebruik de intuïtieve geest als een heilige gave

Lange tijd was mijn hoofd mijn beste vriend. Mijn intellect voeden was het hoogst haalbare. Maar hoe meer ik het voedde, hoe hongeriger het werd. De lijst met dingen die ik nog moest lezen, zien […]

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