This is a place where we try to define the unknown by exploring the imaginable.We embrace Arts & Millenial Culture as a tool to think deeper about transformational life topics. In this world of global transition, we try to focus on the individual transformation. So please feel free to discover our STORIES, written by such great and caring people. Feel free to experience our new MUSIC projects, released at our own label. And join the events that we build for you, the homo universalis of today. We are activists. This is K:MAG.

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K:MAG by day


K:MAG by day brengt alles van de website tot leven in een offline conferentie setting in het monumentale Tobacco Theater.Tegen de stroom in, bestaande conventies doorbreken. Millenials bewegen sneller en slimmer tussen de gebaande paden die aangelegd zijn door de vorige generaties. Ondernemen, pionieren en bewustwording. Front row at the ‘global change show’, daar zitten wij, jullie, K:MAG.




Everything is a Remix


Produced by Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based filmmaker. He examines modern attitudes toward intellectual property and how these attitudes rather counterintuitively stifle creativity rather than fostering it. He illustrates the interconnectedness of our creations and how current laws and norms miss this essential truth.


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